Mailing address:
President's Office
101 Jessup Hall
Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1316
Phone: 319-335-3549
Fax: 319-335-0807

Office Staff Members

Interim Chief of Staff and Vice President for External Relations
  • Asst Vice President for Community Relations
  • Director of Federal Relations
Director of Human Resources
  • Human Resources
Administrative Specialist
  • Presidential Events and Special Projects
Public Relations Specialist
  • Governmental Relations
Senior Presidential Writer/Editor
  • Speeches, Reports and Special Projects
Constituent Relations Manager
  • Governmental Relations/ Constituent Relations Manager
Assistant Vice President for External Relations
  • University of Iowa TIER Representative
Senior Financial Analyst
  • Finance
Admin Services Coordinator
  • Admin Services Coordinator
Presidential Scheduler
  • Presidential Scheduling and Travel
Director of Events
  • Presidential Events and President's Residence
Administrative Specialist
  • Outreach and Event Program