graph describing six-point plan to combat sexual assault. full description of the plan immediately below.
As of 02/27/2015

  • Point 1: Crack down on offenders
    • Hold all offenders responsible for their actions.

          Complete. All offenders found responsible for policy violations are sanctioned.

    • Develop more, and more effective, sanctions.

          Committee has been meeting and recommendations are being finalized.

    • Expel offenders in the most severe cases.

          Complete; two offenders expelled since April 2014, sanctioning guidelines put in place September 2014. Sanctioning guidelines established.

    • Request Board of Regents support to assess system-wide policies and procedures.    
           Recent discussions have confirmed that system-wide policies and procedures currently can be adapted to meet Title IX requirements for appeals. Revision to policies underway.

Progress on Point 1 of Six-Point Plan

  • Point 2: Increase support for survivors
    • Expand long-term support services.
           Director, University Counseling Service assigned to lead planning process
    • Train every staff member who comes in contact with survivors.
          Direct service providers currently receive training.
    • Advocate continued federal funding for nurse examiners.
          Communicated with our congressional offices.
          Provided institutional funding for portion of SANE program.

Progress on Point 2 of Six-Point Plan

  • Point 3: Improve prevention and education
    • Add staff for in-person training, workshops, and dialogues.
          2.5 FTE funded (1 at RVAP, 1.5 at WRAC). All positions have been filled.
    • Implement regular campus safety walks to improve lighting and other conditions.
          President's Student Advisory Committee on Sexual Misconduct to arrange first safety walk.
    • Authorize funding to expand Night Ride.
         Complete. Additional van has been purchased and deployed, ridership is up, and wait times are down.
Progress on Point 3 of 6-point plan


  • Point 4: Improve communication
    • Make resource and support information easier to find.
         Tuned internal search and added more prominent links to OSMRC and other safety and support resources from the UI Homepage.
    • Improve information on key web pages.
          Added more prominent action links and contact information to OSMRC site and
          added additional information to
      UI police site
    • Improve language of our Timely Warning emails.
          Revised language to include a “trigger warning” to alert survivors and stronger language about potential consequences for people who commit sexual offenses. 
Progress on Point 4 of Six-Point Plan


  • Point 5: Add funding
    • Seek every source of dollars to support this plan, including savings from other areas.
    • Expand overall resources to address the problem of sexual assault.

Resources have been added (Nite Ride, SANE program, prevention education)

Progress on Point 5 of Six-Point Plan

  • Point 6: Listen more and report back: 100%
    • Form a student advisory committee on sexual misconduct to meet regularly with the president and senior staff.
          Group has formed – group is meeting regularly
    • Use the president’s website to provide updates on this plan.
          Updates have been posted and will continue to be refreshed



Point 6 Progress of Six-Point Plan