Leadership development for students is a strategic priority for Iowa, and the Office of the President is committed to supporting student success through developing student leaders.

The President’s Leadership Class (PLC) was created in 2008 as a collaboration between the Division of Student Life, Office of Leadership, Service and Student Engagement and the Office of the President as a way to help facilitate leadership development in the University of Iowa’s emerging leaders.

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Class Description

PLC is a three-hour, credit-bearing course that is offered to selected students. A student selected for admission to this class has the opportunity to explore pertinent leadership issues with President Wilson; to meet with and attend programs by Iowa, community, and state leaders; to participate in meaningful civic activities; to network with other student leaders; and to engage in curriculum that will help you develop your personal leadership style and skills.

*Applications are not being accepted at this time.

"It's not just another class, it's an experience. It's a place where you learn about yourself and make lasting relationships that will shape the rest of your college career and life."
Adam Burghduff (PLC 2020)

President's Leadership Society

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The purpose of the President’s Leadership Society (PLS) is to enhance the leadership skills acquired in the President’s Leadership Class and provide opportunities for applying that growth through its three pillars: Community Service and Social Change, Career Exploration and Growth, and Personal and Professional Relations. These three different pillars offer our members the chance to engage in whatever aspect of leadership speaks to them most. PLS also takes advantage of the various interest areas and skill sets of our members to create unique and rewarding opportunities to further hone individual leadership styles. Our members are leaders across campus, which provides the society with endless opportunities for involvement.

"The President’s Leadership Class was such a unique and wonderful experience for me! I got to meet many talented and passionate peers and heard from many awesome guest speakers. I learned about leadership concepts and skills, as well as gained institutional knowledge of the university through this course. On top of self-development and participating in a group project, I also made some awesome friends through this class and built great relationships with my instructors. If you are looking for an unique experience, this class is for you!"
Tong Ding (PLC 2020)