The purpose of the Path Forward–Strategy Implementation Team is to create an ongoing process to support the vision and goals articulated in the University of Iowa Strategic Plan. The team will drive an ongoing, active process to identify, prioritize, and recommend actions on institutional initiatives generally with timelines of one to five years.

The team will coordinate with the Path Forward–Operations Team and the President’s Cabinet and regularly report to the UI community on progress toward achieving the vision and goals of the Strategic Plan. Ongoing work of the Strategy Implementation Team should:

  • Emphasize the role of administrators and faculty/staff leaders in the development of a vision and corresponding execution.
  • Be based on continuous insights on external factors, direction of higher education, weighing alternatives, etc.
  • Be driven by perception of gaps between UI’s current and future states.
  • Address various institutional long-term needs (one to five years) that enable future-state success.
  • Clearly define the appropriate future state.
  • Coordinate with the Path Forward–Operations Team and UI President’s Cabinet.
  • Assess and build capabilities to reach future state.

Team composition*

*—Additional UI subject-matter experts will be engaged in accordance with issues being reviewed