June 15, 2017

President Harreld on public universities’ role in the democratization of higher education

For much of this country’s history, higher education and many of its critical components—access to texts and literary tradition, instruction in critical thinking, a sense of how we got from the past to the present—was and were reserved for the wealthy. Many fields of study, and the social and financial opportunities they opened up, simply weren’t available to the average citizen. With some notable exceptions, if your parents weren’t well off, higher education was probably beyond your reach, regardless of your talent. However, in the second half of the 20th century, something changed. ...
February 23, 2017

President Harreld: Strategic Plan 2016–2021 promotes student success

The University of Iowa prides itself on the achievement of its students. Student Success is one of the pillars of the University of Iowa’s collaboratively written Strategic Plan 2016 to 2021—which I encourage you to read here—and we have worked hard to make the UI a welcoming, inclusive, and productive environment for students, one that allows them to effectively pursue their education and prepare to become leaders in their fields. ...
October 13, 2015

Why I came to Iowa

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the chance to talk with individual faculty, students, staff, and others about what drew me to the University of Iowa, my approach to the role of president, and the need to work together. I’d like to take this opportunity to start a broader conversation. ...