Charge from President Skorton
December 22, 2005

(1) Within University Buildings - Please identify all allowed or de facto practices of smoking within University buildings across campus (e.g., on-stage theater performances, the Iowa House, family housing), and recommend whether any changes in practices and/or the policy should be made; and

(2) Outside University Buildings - Please review whether there should be any local or campus-wide changes to the smoking policy outside campus buildings. In considering those issues, I ask that you consult with the UIHC regarding its policy, the health sciences colleges, and any other relevant and interested groups and individuals across campus. While I have no pre-conceived notions about the wisdom and feasibility of any such changes, if you do recommend any changes in the policy, please provide recommendations regarding implementation and enforcement of those changes.

Reports and Related Documents

Task Force Members

Name Title
Kevin Ward Interim Vice President for Human Resources
Susan Johnson Associate Provost for Faculty
Name Title
Nancy Davin
Joni Troester Administrative Liaisons
Amanda Russell Graduate Student, Health Management and Policy