Leadership development for students is a strategic priority for Iowa, and the Office of the President is committed to supporting student success through developing student leaders.

The President’s Leadership Class (PLC) was created in 2008 as a collaboration between the Division of Student Life and the Office of the President as a way to help facilitate leadership development in the University of Iowa’s emerging leaders. It is an experiential class that gives you an inside look at the university while focusing on your student leadership and team development. The course is second-year experience at the University of Iowa and is taught by President Wilson, with support from Erika Christiansen (staff instructor) and Kristin Beckman (President's Office). 

Application Information
  • PLC applications for fall 2024 are now closed.
  • Applications for fall 2025 will open in late January 2025 for enrolled first year undergraduate students.
  • Do you want a reminder email when the application opens? Fill out the interest form here.


Congratulations to the incoming President's Leadership Class of fall 2024!

PL -2024
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Class Description

PLC is a three-hour, credit-bearing course that is offered to selected students. Students are selected by application and through an interview. Those selected for admission to this class have the opportunity to explore pertinent leadership issues; to meet with and attend programs by UI, community and state leaders; to participate in meaningful civic activities; to network with other student leaders; and to engage in a curriculum that will help you develop your personal leadership style and skills.


"The President's Leadership Class is a transformative experience for all who take it, providing valuable insights into the operations of the university, effective team leadership, and the importance of fostering strong relationships. This one-of-a-kind opportunity has allowed me to become confident in my leadership abilities so that I may achieve my aspirations and make a meaningful impact on the leadership landscape at the University of Iowa." 
Payton Chapman  (PLC 2023)

"My experience in the President’s Leadership Class shaped my understanding and engagement in leadership on campus. It equipped me with professional skills, provided perspective on complex university issues, allowed me to explore my own leadership skills and styles, and connected me with well-rounded, motivated peers to learn and grow alongside."
 Belle Ireland (PLC 2023)

"This class exposes you to an environment in which you are truly encouraged to grow and embrace your unique leadership traits. By working with driven individuals and learning from established leaders, your understanding of your strengths only further matures. What I initially thought would just be a preeminent credit-bearing course, was so much more. It was the most fun, exciting, and engaging educational experience of my time here in Iowa so far." 

Harry Siraj (PLC 2023)