Welcome to the University of Iowa!

I am very proud to be president of this outstanding university. I am eager to lead this talented community by building on its legacy of excellence as we move into a promising future of innovative learning and discovery.

As a graduate of a public research university myself, I firmly believe that institutions such as ours will remain important foundations of our society. As our nation experiences swift and often profound changes in higher education, Iowa’s teaching, research, and service missions promise to lead our society into an even greater future for all of us, both individually and collectively.

The University of Iowa is special in the way it approaches its mission with a balanced commitment to the sciences, arts, and humanities. At Iowa, we enjoy a culture that sincerely wants every student to succeed, and one that takes seriously its deep obligation to the people of this state. We also enjoy a culture that has an impressive legacy of collaboration and creativity, both of which are necessary to lead the changes on the horizon for higher education and society at large.

In getting to know the people of this great university in my early days as president, I have been more than impressed by the talent, dedication, imagination, and optimism of Iowa’s faculty, staff, and students. In talking with the state’s citizens and leaders as well as the university’s loyal alumni and friends, I realize how deeply our constituents care for and respect this very special place and its role in making life better for all. As the university’s new leader who will help chart our path forward, I know that the best solutions come when we establish strong teams, exchange ideas, work together, and protect the whole. I also know that we are fortunate to have a university community and broad constituency that will allow us to do just that.

The core of the University of Iowa is its people. They embody and enact our leading-edge research, scholarship, and creative endeavor, and they fulfill our deep commitment to passing on that knowledge and discovery to new generations, to preparing our students for their own innovative contributions to society, and to serving the people of our state and nation with the best in clinical care, economic development, artistic creation, and much more. Together, we will create new pathways to share our groundbreaking discoveries, to provide unparalleled educational opportunities for our students, and to build upon our past successes in order to be an even more responsive, relevant, and respected institution.

The future of the University of Iowa is very bright, and I am honored to be part of this extraordinary institution.


Bruce Harreld