Name Department address term
Venise Berry African American Studies E340 AJB  2017-2023
Marc Doobay Family Medicine 2220-D IRL 2021-2024
Aaron Schneider Health & Human Physiology E102 FH 2021-2024



Name Department address term
Dan McMillan Public Health Administration  S259 CPHB 2021-2024



Name term
Aastha Chandra 2022-2023
John Dickens 2022-2023
Kyle Dingus 2022-2023
Katherine Michalski 2022-2023
Cesar Perez 2022-2023
Elijah Redington 2022-2023
Benton Renaud 2022-2023
Madison Ross 2022-2023
Lillian Stark 2022-2023
Maddie Cason 2022-2023


Student Co-Chairs

Aastha Chandra, 2022-2023

Lillian Stark, 2022-2023

Administrative liaisons

Kelly Soukup
Center for Student Involvement and Leadership
149 IMU

Sarah Hansen
Office of the Vice President for Student Life
249 IMU