Name Department Address term
Michelle Voss Psychological and Brain Sciences E231 SSH 2019-2024
Packy Moran Health & Human Physiology 340 FH 2022-2025
Megan Foley Nicpon Counseling Psychology Program N361 LC 2020-2025
Gary Pierce Health and Human Physiology 412 FH 2021-2026
Travis Vogan Journalism and Mass Communication E342 AJB 2019-2024
Matthew Nonnenmann Occupational and Environmental Health S335 CPHB 2019-2024
James Torner Epidemiology S441A CPHB 2018-2023
Stuart Weinstein Orthopedics 01026 JPP 2019-2024
Ain Grooms Educational Leadership N473 LC 2021-2026
Gregory Hand Music 4470 VOX 2021-2026
Paul Hanley Civil & Environmental Engineering 4123 SC 2022-2026


Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR) w/vote

Name Department Address term
Nicole Grosland Biomedical Engineering 3100 SC 2018-2023
Liz Hollingworth Educational Leadership N483 LC 2018-2025



Name Department Address term
Jamie Cavey Lang Career Center C310 PC 2020-2025
Katie Carl Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity 202 JH 2021-2026



Name Term
Logan Williams 2021-2022
Tomi Taiwo 2021-2022



Name Term
Crystal Raiber 2021-2026
Zeke Sayon 2017-2022


Administrative designees

Name Department
Rod Lehnertz Office of the President
Tanya Uden-Holman Office of the Provost
Jennifer Modestou Chief Diversity Office
Sarah Hansen Student Life


Athletics director

Gary Barta
Intercollegiate Athletics

Athletics department liaison

Broderick Binns
Student Athlete Academic Services


Cathy Zaharis

Vice chair

Ain Grooms
Educational Leadership
N473 LC