• 2014: What made it so exciting?
    Alan MacVey
    Performing Arts and Theatre Arts
    Lecture Video
  • 2012: Defaced Books and the House of Fiction
    Garrett Stewart
    ​​​​​​​Lecture video
  • 2010: Being Here
    Marilynne Robinson
    Writers' Workshop
    Lecture video
  • 2009: From the Dawn of Space to the Edge of the Solar System
    Donald A. Gurnett
    Lecture video
  • 2008: Art and the Constitution
    Randall P. Bezanson
  • 2007: Molecular Basis of Muscular Dystrophy and Approaches to Therapy
    Kevin P. Campbell
    Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
  • 2006: Paradoxes of Legislatures
    Gerhard Loewenberg
    Political Science
  • 2005: Seeing War at a Distance: Photography from Antietam to Abu Ghraib
    Kenneth Cmiel
    History; UI Center for Human Rights
  • 2004: The Epsilon-Delta Blues: Math at the Crossroads
    Lecture video
  • 2003: Beauty and Meaning in Music...Lend Me Your (Bionic) Ears
    Kate Gfeller
    School of Music; Speech Pathology and Audiology
  • 2002: Who Will Care? Research and Service on Behalf of Iowa’s Impaired Elders
    Kathleen Buckwalter
    Lecture video
  • 2001: Fascinations With the Human Voice
    Ingo Titze
    Speech Pathology and Audiology
  • 2000: Genes and Environment, Science and Society
    Jeffrey C. Murray
    Lecture transcript
  • 1999: Small Comets and Our Origins: The Ecstasy and Agony of the Scientific Debate
    Louis A. Frank
    Physics and Astronomy
    Lecture transcript
  • 1998: What Do We Represent? Walt Whitman, Representative Democracy, and Democratic Representation
    Ed Folsom
    Lecture transcript
  • 1997: Fade In, Fade Out: Aspirations of National Cinema
    Dudley Andrew
    Communication Studies
    Lecture transcript
  • 1996: Eco-Logic: An Environmental Perspective for the 21st Century
    Jerald L. Schnoor
    Civil and Environmental EngineeringLecture transcript
  • 1995: The Mind and Heart of Progressive Legal Thought
    Herbert Hovenkamp
    Lecture transcript
  • 1994: The Pathway of Discovery in Pursuit of a Genetic Disease
    Michael J. Welsh
    Internal Medicine
  • 1993: O Brave New World! Exploring the Mind and Brain in Health and Disease
    Nancy C. Andreasen
    Lecture transcript
  • 1992: The Modern Saga of Planetary Exploration
    James A. Van Allen
    Physics and Astronomy
    Lecture transcript
  • 1991: A Poetry Reading
    Jorie Graham
    Iowa Writers’ Workshop
    Lecture transcript
  • 1990: Molecular Biology of Parasites Causing Tropical Diseases
    John E. Donelson
    Lecture transcript
  • 1989: The Sacred and the Secular: Religion in the State University
    George W. Forell
    Lecture transcript
  • 1988: Genius on the Opera Stage: The Life and Art of Lotte Lehman
    Beaumont Glass
    Lecture transcript
  • 1987: History Will Do It No Justice: Women’s Lives in Revolutionary America
    Linda K. Kerber
    Lecture transcript
  • 1986: Horde, Band and Tribe: Northern Approaches
    June Helm
    Lecture transcript
  • 1985: What’s in a Brain That Ink May Character?
    Antonio R. Damasio
    Lecture transcript
  • 1984: The Onward Way
    Sherman Paul
    Lecture transcript