Name Department Address term
Constance Berman History 312 SH 2019-2024
David Drake College of Dentistry N407 DSB 2020-2024
Ariel Aloe Educational Measure and Stats 217F LC 2020-2026
Anthony Panos Surgery SE 500 GH 2021-2024
Fatima Toor Electrical & Computer Engineering 116 IATL 2021-2024
Yasar Onel Physics and Astronomy 153 VAN 2022-2025
Paul Dilley Religious Studies 406 GILH 2022-2025
Natalie Denburg Division of Behavior Neurology 2155 RCP 2022-2025
Carrie Figdor Philosophy 260 EPB 2023-2026
Seth King Teach and Learning N259 LC 2023-2026
Scott Shaw Chemistry W476 CB 2023-2026



Name department address term
Mihaela Bojin UI Research Foundation 6D GILH 2020-2025
Rebecca Taugher Psychiatry 1314 PBDB 2021-2024
Queena Lin Neuroscience Institute 365 MRC 2022-2025
Matt Suiter  Cancer Center 11510 PFP 2023-2025
Laura Dean Occupational & Environmental Health 203 IREH 2023-2024



Name Term
Abbie Townsend 2023-2024
Vacant 2023-2024



Fatima Toor
Electrical-Computer Engineer
116 IATL

Ariel Aloe
Educational Measure and Stats
217F LC


Ex-officio member

Bob Kirby
Research Development

Administrative liaisons

J. Martin Scholtz
Research Administration
2660 UCC

Michael Weaver
Research Administration
2660 UCC

Lauren Galliart
Research Administration
2660 UCC