2017 PLC Timeline

May 5 – On-line applications are due at 5pm; on-line application closes at 5pm sharp.

May 26 – Students are notified of selection status/not selected status; those selected are asked to confirm their participation.

History of PLC

The President’s Leadership Class was created in 2008 as a collaboration between the Office of Student Life (now the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership) and the Office of the President as a way to help facilitate leadership development in The University of Iowa’s emerging leaders.

Class Description

PLC is a three-hour, credit-bearing course that is offered each fall to specially nominated first-year students like you. If you are selected for admission to this class, you have the opportunity to explore pertinent leadership issues with President Harreld; to meet with and attend programs by UI, community, and state leaders; to participate in meaningful civic activities; to network with other student leaders; and to engage in curriculum that will help you develop your personal leadership style and skills. The class meets on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and class members have a kick-off barbeque at the President’s Residence to start the semester. PLC wraps up the experience with a graduation ceremony. Educating the next generation of leaders is one of the most important missions of the University of Iowa, and the President’s Leadership Class is one way for us to accomplish that goal.

Student Testimonials

"PLC gave me the opportunity to meet some of the most influential administrators, community professionals, and students here at Iowa.  The resources that are granted to you as a student in PLC are tremendous.  The class helped to mold my college experience and leadership skills, and I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without it.  Especially with the formation of the President's Leadership Society, PLC students are able to continually take advantages of all of the benefits of the class - from meeting high profile members of the UI community to collaborating across student organizations, there is no other course that compares to PLC.  –Katie Oxendine

"To me, PLC was an excellent opportunity to connect with other students who were passionate about making a difference on campus. I had the opportunity to become friends with other high-achieving individuals who also wanted to challenge themselves to be all they could be." - Brody DeBettignies

President's Leadership Society

The purpose of the President’s Leadership Society is to enhance the leadership skills acquired in the President’s Leadership Class and provide opportunities for applying that growth through its three pillars: Community Service and Social Change, Career Exploration and Growth, and Personal and Professional Relations. These three different pillars offer our members the chance to engage in whatever aspect of leadership speaks to them most.   PLS also takes advantage of the various interest areas and skill sets of our member s to create unique and rewarding opportunities to further hone individual leadership styles. Our members are leaders across campus, which provides the Society with endless opportunities for involvement.  Some of the events that the Society has hosted include:
  • Receptions with influential administrators, professionals, and students in the UI Community
  • The Corn Bowl Exchange, an annual trophy exchange and service project with the Innocent’s Society of University of Nebraska  Lincoln
  • Professional Trip to Chicago where students were given the opportunity to see the corporate environment of various companies.

Presidential Leadership Class Contact Information

If you have questions regarding PLC, please contact the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership (319-335-3059 or and ask for Paul Mintner.